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For borrowers who are looking for a stable, conservative and affordable home loan, our new 50-year mortgage delivers low monthly payments with the ability to pay down principal from the start.

A 50 year loan fixed for 15 years. Why choose an interest only mortgage, or other fixed arm programs when you can enjoy a 15 year fixed rate with peace of mind? Available as a construction or end loan for a single family residence, primary or second/vacation homes.

Florida 50 Year Mortgage    Fixed Rate =  15 Years

    From $75,000 to $1,000,000 Loan Amounts

    Primary & Second/Vacation Homes Only  -  NO Investment Property

    Single Family Residence Only

    Up to 90% LTV = No MI Required

    Construction-Perm Available

    Purchase  ▪  Refinance  ▪  Cash-out Refinance

    15 Year Fixed Rate ARM - 50 Year Amortization

    10 Year Interest Only Option

    LTV Based On Appraised Value

    Stated Income Option   -  75% LTV   (No Income Verification)

    Six Months Cash Reserves or more

    Minimum 680 score or more  =  LTV

    Maximum 45% DTI    (Debt Ratio)

Florida 50 Year Mortgage    40 Year Loan Available



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