Florida bad credit mortgage  :::  bad credit mortgage Florida    

   Florida bad credit mortgage  :::  bad credit mortgage Florida

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::  Florida bad credit mortgage  :::  bad credit mortgage Florida  ::





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Personal Loan Consultant   Bad Credit? We Can Help!

At Florida Mortgage Corporation, we understand how it feels to be shunned or denied because you have bad credit problems. That's why Florida Mortgage Corporation has Bad Credit Mortgage experts experienced to help you qualify for the mortgage you need. Let us work with you! Call to speak to our Personal Loan Consultants.

When Florida Mortgage Corporation considers your mortgage request, we generally look at three areas: credit reputation (your credit score and history); collateral (your loan amount relative to the home value); and capacity to pay (your income, debt, cash reserves). As a result, we may prefer a lower score borrower with favorable factors over a higher score borrower with negative factors.

Credit Problems and Mortgage Interest Rates:

If you've had credit problems or issues in the recent past, mortgage lenders consider you a higher risk borrower. In such circumstances, the credit decision includes factors beyond credit scores and credit history, often including employment, income, expenses, assets and other factors as considerations.

Candidates for a Florida Bad Credit Mortgage:

Listed below are "general" guidelines you can use as a very rough rule of thumb to determine whether you're a candidate for a "bad credit" mortgage:

    *    A FICO score of 620 or lower
    *    Two (or more) 30 day delinquencies in the past 12 months
    *    One 60 day delinquency in the past 24 months
    *    A foreclosure or charge off in the past 24 months
    *    Any bankruptcy in the last 48 months
    *   Qualifying debt-to-income ratios of 50% or higher
    *    Limited ability to cover family living expenses each month

But remember, your overall creditworthiness is not just about formulas and credit scores.....and missing a credit card payment or two does not automatically mean that you're doomed to double-digit interest rates.

The only sure way to know where you stand is to apply for a mortgage with Florida Mortgage Corporation and speak with a professional loan consultant.



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Florida bad credit mortgage ::: bad credit mortgage Florida


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