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FMC is proud to be a long time member of the FAMB and NAMB.  Florida Mortgage Corporation finances properties all across Florida.





Mortgage brokers originate more than 60% of new home loans nationally.

An independent study conducted by Georgetown University says applicants pay "LOWER" financing costs when they obtain their mortgages through mortgage brokers instead of from loan officers directly employed by lenders or banks.

The same pattern holds true for African-American, Hispanic, and low income borrowers.

This information was presented at a Federal Reserve Board conference held on April 7, 2005

FAMB  =  Florida Association Of Mortgage Brokers

NAMB  =  National Association Of Mortgage Brokers

A Florida mortgage broker:

Florida Mortgage Broker :: Since 1989  
Is an expert in analyzing, advising, structuring, underwriting, packaging, presenting and negotiating loan proposals.

   Is knowledgeable in the many types of mortgage loans available.

   Has a vast network of lenders and investors that are available for the placement of your mortgage package.

   Is continuously updated as to rates available in the ever-changing mortgage market.

   Is a specialist in all phases of mortgage lending and has the resources available to handle all your financial needs.

A Professional who…

    Is a licensed full time professional who may be a licensed Florida mortgage broker, an originator working for a lender or the principal representative of a Florida licensed lender.

    Has passed a qualifying examination administered by the State of Florida.

    Analyzes, processes, packages and arranges loans for a fee.

    Is knowledgeable as to rates and terms available to suit the client’s needs

One of the best criteria is whether the Florida Mortgage Broker or originator is a member of the Florida Association of Mortgage Brokers - FAMB.

FAMB members are pledged to a strict Code of Ethics and Professional Practices. Members regularly attend mortgage seminars to keep current on mortgage market conditions.

Florida licensed brokers, loan originators and lender’s principal representatives must complete fourteen hours of continuing education biennially covering the laws and business practices of the mortgage industry..

Look for the emblem indicating membership in the Florida Association of Mortgage Brokers.

     They should be a full-time professional. A seasoned mortgage veteran, a Florida Mortgage Broker.

    They should have a good knowledge of the current day-to-day mortgage market, including the type and terms of loans that lenders will fund.

    They should be capable of analyzing, advising, restructuring, underwriting, packaging, presenting and negotiating your loan proposal.

     Whether arranging the purchase or refinance of your property, the Florida Mortgage Broker professional should know your property’s current market value.

  Most professionals specialize in different areas of mortgage finance. Choose the Mortgage Broker or originator whose specialty suits your individual needs.

   Licensed mortgage brokers and lenders are required by statute to furnish you with a Good Faith Estimate of costs.

    Licensed Florida mortgage brokers must enter into a written agreement with their clients.

member Famb   The agreement spells out the obligations of each party and customarily provides for the exclusive right of the professional to seek the financing desired by you.

application fee  This agreement may require that you place a good faith application deposit with the Mortgage Broker.

Fees    The general format of the agreement also includes delineation of the fees and points that will be paid at closing.

Agreement   The agreement must disclose whether the Florida Mortgage Broker or professional is receiving funds from the lender. This must be disclosed on the Good Faith Estimate and on the HUD-1 Closing Statement.

Today’s market is very complex. Whether or not you are sophisticated in the field of real estate finance, you should retain the services of the FAMB Professional.

Members subscribe to a Code of Ethics of the Florida Association of Mortgage Brokers, the National Association of Mortgage Brokers and must adhere to stringent regulations of the State of Florida.

Look for the emblem indicating membership in the Florida Association of Mortgage Brokers - FAMB.

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