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Florida Mortgage Corporation offers 65% financing for Foreign Nationals or non-citizens from all over the world. Buying a residential home in Florida and trying to finance it with a bank can be a very frustrating and complicated process. We are EXPERTS in financing Foreign Nationals.

Florida Mortgage Corporation offers a mortgage specially designed for Foreign Nationals with a very competitive interest rate.

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If you are NOT able to document or verify bank deposits or employment, Florida Mortgage Corporation "also" offers a NO DOC mortgage with NO supporting documentation required. A "blank" mortgage application with NO personal financial information requested.







              65% LTV Financing   (35% Down Payment)


              Minimum Loan Amount:  $150,000

              Primary Residence  ▪  Second/Vacation Home

    Maximum Loan Amount:  One Million DollarsForeign Passports
    Foreign Passport Required
    International Credit Report Required
    Seller Can Pay Closing Costs
    Eligible Homes:   Single Family Residence or Town Home - Townhouse
    30 Year Loans:  3 yr Fixed, or 5 Yr Fixed Interest Rate "Choice"  (Libor)
    NO Condos  -  NO Short-Term Rental Homes
    ITIN  (Tax Payer Identification Number) Required
    NO Pre-payment Penalty   (Early Redemption without charge or penalty)
    Full Documentation   (Income, Employment and Assets Verified)
    THIS Loan NOT Available in the Orlando area, Miami and Broward counties  (Other Loans available)
    NO DOC Mortgage  (If you are NOT able to verify employment, income and bank deposits)

FULL DOC:  The borrower/applicant is required to provide supporting documentation. Employment, income, bank deposits are verified. Six month's Cash "reserves" over and above down payment required. This specific loan program is NOT available for homes located in the Orlando area and Miami and Broward counties. NO MailAway closing, must attend. Other terms and conditions apply.


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foreign national home loans :: foreign national mortgage :: foreign national loans :: foreign national mortgages

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