Seasoning simply means "the period of time which a property or asset has been under the direct control of a party". In other words how long you've had it.

Florida Mortgage Corporation offers a number of mortgage programs with NO restrictions on Seasoning requirements. If you owned the home only one day and want to cash-out, no problem. If you have owned your home only one day by inheritance or quit-claim deed and want to cash-out, no problem. If you are buying a home and your down payment is in your account only a short time, no problem.


Most lenders typically require that you own your home six months or more before you can use the current appraised value for a cash-out refinance.

Most lenders require that you have your down payment funds in your account more than three months. Many lenders do not want to see deposits made all at one time only to find out that the borrower got the money from a relative who expects to be paid back shortly after closing.

   NO Seasoning Appraised Value

   NO Seasoning  =  MLS Listed Home

   NO Seasoning Title  (Purchase & Refinance)

   NO Seasoning Funds  (Down Payment)

   NO Seasoning - Discharged Bankruptcy

   NO Seasoning - Employment




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