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For many borrowers, deciding on the right mortgage program can be overwhelming. There was a time when choosing a mortgage was a fairly simple process. A borrower had the choice of one of two options: a fixed or adjustable rate. Times have definitely changed. There are   different mortgage programs out there to choose from. And, Florida Mortgage Corporation offers as many as possible..

Mortgage Programs and it's underwriting guidelines are CHANGING RAPIDLY in the current VOLATILE mortgage industry.  Some mortgage programs are discontinued, some are "temporarily" suspended, some are revised, and others are changed completely.  This applies to both borrower and property.
The existing
Turmoil in the mortgage industry has created a lot of confusion on mortgage financing.  Numerous lenders have closed their doors. Many lenders have stopped offering financing for high risk properties and or high risk borrowers. The changes are sometimes DAILY, and never ending.  The changes will probably continue on a regular basis.

Due to a major Meltdown in the mortgage industry, and serious Turmoil in the financial markets, please contact us for "CURRENT" information. Loan programs are changing on a "DAILY" basis. Some loan programs are changed, terminated or revised.

Declining Market Values and a very high inventory of homes for sale in Florida at distressed prices has become a very major concern and problem for lenders. Underwriting guidelines are increasingly becoming more restrictive for borrowers and properties.
Please keep in mind that mortgage programs, terms and conditions and eligibility requirements are subject to change without any prior notice. Other restrictions and minimum loan amounts apply. We introduce and discontinue programs, depending upon market conditions.

Underwriting and eligibility guidelines have become more restrictive, in today's market.
Borrowers should contact Florida Mortgage Corporation for UP TO DATE mortgage program guidelines and their availability.  Our mortgage consultant will answer all your questions and provide you "current" mortgage information.





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