Each month, you will receive a loan statement that lets you choose the payment amount that best suits your current financial needs. Pay the minimum amount to free up funds for other uses, or make larger payments for faster equity build-up. The lifetime fixed rate will never increase. This is NOT an adjustable interest rate.

Having up to four payment options allows you to manage your cash flow and overall financial picture on a monthly basis. After considering your monthly financial objectives, choose the available option that best suits your needs.


    Primary  ▪  Second Home  ▪   Investment Property

    Purchase  ▪  Refinance  ▪  Cash-Out Refinance

    Stated Income Available   (NO Income Verification  -  NO IRS 4506)

    Loan Amounts:  $60,000  to  $3,000,000

    Four Payment Choices

    1-4 Unit Residential Property

    Up To 90% Financing    (With Lender Paid PMI)

    Portfolio Underwriting   (NOT Credit Score Driven)

100% No Doc Commercial Loan    From 2.45% For Investment Property   (Non-Owner Occupied)

    NOT An Adjustable/Variable Rate  -  Fixed Rate Only

    Foreign National

    Corporation, LLC



  • Low Start Payment  -  From 2.75 %

  • Interest Only Payment

  • 30 Year Fixed Payment

  • 15 Year Fixed Payment




Start payment rates, interest rates, payment rates, data and program guidelines are subject to change without notice, and are not guaranteed. Deferred interest may apply. APR (Annual Percentage Rate) changes on a daily basis depending upon market conditions. This is a brief outline with basic information only. Other restrictions  and minimum loan amounts apply. Borrower should contact Florida Mortgage Corporation for current details and full written disclosures.

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