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HUD guarantees “eligible” loan applicants the ability to obtain mortgages with little or no money down. FHA loans can be fully assumable. Loan limits apply depending upon where the property is located in in the USA.

FHA loans feature low down payments and flexible guidelines to make it easier to qualify! FHA loans are popular with first time home buyers but they can be equally attractive to move-up buyers and homeowners looking for a home improvement loan. With an FHA loan you can borrow up to 96.5% of the purchase price of the home. Please keep in mind that the loan will be based on the purchase price or the appraised value, whatever is the lesser amount.


FHA stands for the Federal Housing Administration. FHA was created in 1934 to help Americans realize the dream of Home ownership. FHA was absorbed into HUD in the 1960s and is now known as HUD-FHA.

The advantages of a HUD-FHA insured mortgage product to a home buyer are many fold. A home buyer may apply for a HUD-FHA insured mortgage and purchase a home with little or no out of pocket expense! FHA mortgage insurance permits lenders to make mortgages for first time home buyers without risk.

There are no income limits with an HUD-FHA insured mortgage, so most anyone can qualify as long as they have a reasonable acceptable credit history and can afford the monthly mortgage payments.

You can also combine FHA mortgage programs with many first time home buyer grants or down payment assistance programs offered by other agencies. Plus insightful tips and program comparison to choose and better manage your FHA mortgage

The main advantage to a FHA home loan is that the credit criteria for a borrower are not as strict as FNMA or FHLMC.  Someone who may have had a few minor credit problems should not have a problem obtaining FHA financing. Also, FHA home loans are assumable, allowing a person to take over the mortgage without the additional cost of obtaining a new loan. In addition, the seller pay for part of the “traditional” closing costs (called non-allowable costs) while a borrower’s allowable costs can partially be wrapped into the loan. 100% of the down payment and closing costs can be family gift funds. FHA loans are not just for first time buyers and are available to everyone looking to home refinance or purchase a home. We are here to help you know more about FHA refinancing.

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