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   interest only mortgages  ::  interest only loans

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interest only mortgages  ::  interest only loans


Florida Mortgage Corporation offers a number of "interest only" mortgages.



Rather invest your money in high-yield and tax-deferred savings? Need extra cash to pay off high-interest, non-tax-deductible consumer debt?

The Interest Only Mortgages feature offers:

Reduced monthly payments
With our Interest-Only feature, your monthly payment consists of interest alone for the first three, five, seven, ten years. 30 year fixed rate also available. This increases your cash flow - making homeownership more affordable.

Financial diversity
Redirect your cash flow to supplement your savings or investment funds, maximize your contributions to 401k or other tax-deferred retirement accounts, or pay off any higher-cost, non-tax-deductible debt. It's your money to use as you see fit.

Greater tax deductions
Because payments are interest-only, you may benefit from larger interest deductions during the interest only period.*

You are welcome to make principal payments during the "interest only" period, but are not required to do so.

Best for people who:
  • Are very focused on money management

  • Want to reduce their monthly mortgage payment

  • Do not intend to be in their homes more than a few years

Interest only mortgages and loans as the name suggests, means you pay interest only for the first three, five, seven, ten years of the loan, thereby lowering your monthly mortgage payment by quite a lot.

This type of loan can be of value for people who want to save or invest the money they would have paid in principal.

Florida Mortgage Corporation offers interest only mortgages and loans in a variety of fixed and ARM mortgage programs. With some interest only mortgage programs, you lock in a fixed rate for the life of the loan term, while others resemble Adjustable Rate Mortgages, which carry a fixed rate for a certain number of years and then adjust every six months to a year.

If a large part of your income is non-salary - or if you want to maximize the tax benefits of a mortgage - the interest only mortgages option may be a sensible choice. Unlike the traditional 30-year amortizing loan, which bills you monthly for principal and interest, the interest only mortgages option allows you to pay interest only for a specific period of time depending upon the term. 


interest only mortgages  ::  interest only loans        Purchase   ▪   Refinance    ▪    Cash-Out Refinance

        Fixed  &  Adjustable Interest Rates

        3/1, 5/1, 7/1, 10/1 Arms both Libor & Treasury and  30 Year Fixed

        Stated Income Option Available

        Primary  ▪  Second/Vacation  ▪  Investment Property

        Up To Ten Million Dollars Loan Amount

interest only mortgages  ::  interest only loans        No Down Payment  Option Available

       Many Other "Interest Only" Mortgage Programs  -  Call For Details

interest only mortgages   ::   interest only loans


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