Korea Stock Loan


Korea Stock Loan

Do you own any stocks that are traded on the Korea (KRX) stock exchange?

We offer a number of highly customized securities based loan programs for securities (stocks) traded on the Korea (KRX) stock exchange. You can pledge the stocks you own as collateral to apply for a securities based loan. Sometimes it is referred to as
share financing or a stock loan.

   *  Minimum Loan Amount:   $500,000 USD

   *  Maximum Loan Amount:  $100,000,000 USD

Korea stock 

The South Korea stock market is the the world's fourteenth largest stock exchange in terms of market capitalization.  The KRX was formed in January - 2005, from the merger of the Korea Stock Exchange (KSE), the Korea Futures Exchange (Kofex), the Kosdaq Market and the Kosdaq committee, part of the Korea Stock Dealers' Association. It provides an electronic platform for the trading, clearing and settlement of cash equities, bonds and derivatives.

The South Korea stock market handles stocks, bonds, exchange traded funds (ETF) and real estate investment trusts (REIT). At the end of 2006, the Korea Stock Market hosted the trades of nearly 1,800 companies. These companies combined for a total market value of over 890 billion US dollars. As of March 2007, 60% of the 1,600 companies listed on the Korean stock market were manufacturing companies. In August of 2007, the first foreign company was listed on the Korean stock market. The main indexes of the South Korea stock market are the KOSPI 200 Index Futures, KOSTAR Futures and KOSPI 200 Options.



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