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Florida Mortgage Corporation is a Florida based mortgage lender with corporate headquarters in the sunshine state. For over 20 years, (Since 1989) we have helped many customers from all over the world finance, or refinance a villa in Orlando Florida.

Are you considering buying or refinancing a villa or holiday home in Orlando Florida? Or perhaps a short term rental property? Call us, we may be able to help.

We are Florida!

Whether you are looking for a holiday home, to relocate, to retire or to invest in a property for rental income, Florida Mortgage Corporation can help with the loan. Financing your villa purchase in Orlando will NOT be a complicated process, because we understand and are very familiar with all the local and state regulations, etc. Our typical loan will have reduced documentation or NO documentation depending upon the deposit, etc.

With our extensive knowledge and experience of the mortgage industry in the Orlando area and the sunshine state, we have the real estate mortgage program for you. We’ve been helping families and investors for years. We are committed to making mortgage loans in every community in Florida.

Our loan consultants are seasoned full time professional experts able to help you with any mortgage in Florida.



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