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Florida Mortgage Corporation offers short-term rental homes and condo hotel financing to most borrowers including Foreign Nationals. Financing is available for both purchase and refinance. We are experts in financing all types of short-term rental homes.

Short-term rentals or CondoTel investment properties are very popular in the Orlando, Miami, Florida areas, etc. Most of these are condos, villas and SFR (single family residence) detached homes used by vacationers on holiday from 2-7 days or more. Osceola, Polk and Lake counties (Orlando area) allow short-term rentals because of their zoning flexibility. Kissimmee, Davenport, Clermont, etc. are some of the more popular cities "zoned" for short term rental property. To some extent, these areas are saturated with these homes.

Orange County (Florida), for example, where Orlando is located, allows no "short-term" rentals.

This type of home is completely furnished with all the amenities, including swimming pool, furniture, appliances, TV, etc. Daily maid service is provided.

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A short term rental property is most simply described as an investment property that an individual owner can enjoy some or all of the perks and amenities that a hotel has to offer. While the individual unit owner is not occupying their unit, it is let or rented out to regular hotel guests, thus generating the individual unit owner rental revenue to offset their monthly ownership costs.

Typically a property management company will handle all the reservations, maintenance, etc. Owners of short term rental properties require a "license" issued by the Florida Department of Regulation, Division of Hotels & Restaurants.

Short term rental homes vary greatly in size, amenities, and operating rules. Some are two-bedroom suites with small kitchens, while others are three to five bedroom homes with complete kitchen, family room, etc. Prices can range from $ 175,000 to over $1,000,000 per home.

The process of buying properties for sale in Florida is similar to the stages in buying a home in the UK. The pitfalls are also similar. It is important not to over-stretch yourself financially, and to ensure that you can afford the deposit and subsequent mortgage.


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Florida Mortgage Corporation is NOT tied to any builder, developer, property management company, estate agent, real estate agent. NO CONFLICT OF INTEREST. We do not sell or rent homes. We offer financing of short-term rental properties in Florida, nothing else.

We also offer you a totally unbiased and independent opinion of the pros and cons of short-term vs. long-term investment rental properties. We finance "both" type of homes and know the advantages and disadvantages.

We have been helping finance British Foreign Nationals since 1989, over 18 years. We know Florida and the Orlando area because we live here and work here. Our staff of loan consultants are very experienced mortgage veterans. We are familiar with all the Florida state and federal laws, customs, regulations, and have a long list of satisfied British customers.

Please check our long list of Affiliations, References and Testimonials.

Whether you want to buy a holiday home, an investment property, remortgage or obtain an equity release in the home you already own in Florida, we can help.



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