One of the biggest reasons we think it's best to get a mortgage here in the US, is that when you are renting your property out, your income will be in US dollars. Your US rental income will be paid into your US bank account, from where your mortgage payments will be deducted monthly, in US dollars. There is no exchange rate problem.

Establishing and developing a mortgage credit report history in the US, with a Florida based lender is very beneficial.

Also, the mortgage interest you pay on your US mortgage is tax deductible and is offset against your rental income. If you get your financing in the UK, your UK mortgage interest is usually not deductible on your US tax return, which can result in a taxable income of several thousand dollars a year more.

Most international experts will advise you to borrow in the currency of the asset they are using as security. If you are paying Dollars for a property, take a mortgage in Dollars.


Florida Mortgage Corporation is "NOT" tied to any builder, developer, property management company, estate agent, real estate agent. NO CONFLICT OF INTEREST. We do not sell or rent homes. We offer financing of short-term rental properties in Florida, nothing else.

We also offer you a totally unbiased and independent opinion of the pros and cons of short-term vs. long-term investment rental properties. We finance "both" type of homes and know the advantages and disadvantages.

We have been helping finance British Foreign Nationals since 1989, over 19 years. We know Florida and the Orlando area because we live here and work here. Our staff of loan consultants are very experienced mortgage veterans. We are familiar with all the Florida state and federal laws, customs, regulations, and have a long list of satisfied British customers.

Please check our long list of Affiliations, References and Testimonials.

Whether you want to buy a holiday home, an investment property, remortgage or obtain an equity release in the home you already own in Florida, we can help.


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